Similar Biker Leather (ASOS)

Hoody (Cotton On) || Shirt (ASOS) || Trousers (Uniqlo)

Shades (Ray Ban) || Watch (Arvo) || Beanie (Burton)

Sneakers (Converse)

It's been month since I first cut my hair but it's continuing to unleash something new inside of me. There's something about my short hair with this razor low buzz cut to the sides that not only empowers my androgynous style, but dares me to tap more into an even more edgy aesthetic.

A few months ago, I partnered with Cotton On. One of the pieces that I styled was this black hoody, that I've now cut up for an even bolder look. I wore it on top of an elongated button up and paired it with the basic tan trousers. I grabbed my favorite jacket and slouchy beanie for the windy weather, laced up my dingy Converse All-Stars and explored the city. 




StyleDanielle Cooper