Spring Blend

Wearing : Blazer (Zara) || Shirt (H&M) || Denim (Topman) || Pocket Square (Arnold Steiner) || Tie (Ties.com) || Tie Bar (A Paperclip) || Belt (Anderson Belts) || Socks (Ties.com) || Lapel (Hello Ollie) || Monks (Tod's)

It's Taurus season!!!

I decided to kick of my birthday with a Spring blend - compliments of some of my favorite accessory brands: Ties.com, Arnold Steiner, and Hello Ollie

In such a short time blogging has become a journey that is shaping and changing me daily. They say with age comes wisdom. I definintely agree! On May 6th, I got a little bit older and wiser! I'm not in a rush by any means, but I'm excited to see how my story unfolds and where we are a year from now. Until then, like JT would say .... "Break it down. Dance! Let me see you move! Let me see you move! C'mon."