On The Job


Shirt, Henley, Raw Denim (Grayers)

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Sullivan Boots (CAT Footwear) - Sponsored by (AMP3PR)

It's that time of year again... Time for cottons, layers, and boots! 

Here I'm wearing the Double Cloth Shirt by Grayers. This shirt is extremely versatile. It can be worn with anything from a blazer and khakis to jeans and a t-shirt. I wanted to keep a comfy and relaxed look for the weekend, so I paired the heather plaid shirt with a gray henley and raw denim jeans. Plus, nothing is better than layering up on a cool fall weekend. Lastly, it is all about the right boot. The Sullivan Boot was just the right fit for this look. The lace up silhouette is effortless. Extremely comfortable and perfect for all-day wear or just on the job.




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