Henley (Grayers) || Jeans (Hudson)

Shades (Ray Ban) || Watch (Daniel Wellington) || Tote (GQ Report)

Drivers (Tods)

Whoever said that neckerchiefs were only for the Boy Scouts?! What once was a hanky used for the scouts and cowboys has become a staple accessory in the last year of fashion. Maybe it has something to do with it only costing a $1 to help uplift an ensemble. Who knows??, but the hanky (aka neckerchief or simply just a bandana) is extremely versatile and also the perfect pop of color. I've seen bandanas styled on ankles, wrists, necks, and even bags. 

I felt as if something were missing out while I was getting dressed for the day. I wanted to be comfy and casual, but I just felt empty and basic. What better what to enhance my look than with accessories. So I decided to add this green bandana for a little pop, plus it was a nice compliment to my lemonade drivers. I rolled up my sleeves, grabbed my sunnies, and headed out to Roosevelt Island to watch the sun set over my city.

It's the little things that make a big difference!!




StyleDanielle Cooper