Mello' Yello'


Sweater (Uniqlo) || Trousers (Topman)

Shades (Ray-Ban) || Watch (Toy Watch)

No-show Socks (Taft) || Jack Purchell's (Converse)

Let's continue with pastels. I have shown you two ways to rock these pastel colored check trousers, so why not add one more option. This time I decide to keep it completely simple, but casual. A relaxing look for the weekend.

I snagged this yellow sweater from Uniqlo for just $20 and it was a nice compliment for the blue and pink checkered print of the trousers. I threw on my Jack Purchell's to maintain a cool weekend look. Lastly, my clubmaster shades on a bright day in the sun. 

Summer Tip : Grab a pair of no-show socks this summer. They're perfect for showing off a little ankle with trousers or even shorts. Plus, you won't have to worry about sweaty feet or shoes in the heat.