Shirt (H&M) || Trousers (Topman) ||Tie (Skinny Fatties)

Backpack (M.R.K.T) || Shades (Ray Ban) || Watch (Shadow Toys) || Drivers (Gucci)

M.R.K.T (Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger) is a accessories brand influeced by architects and design. M.R.K.T is creative, trendy and continues to test boundaries reflecting urban street style. One of my favorite pieces and now weekly go-to's for traveling around the city is the Kendrick Backpack. This Japanese inspired silhouette comes in 3 colorways: grey, olive, and tangerine. The bag offers adjustable straps and a pocket for a laptop up to 13".

This outfit is another compliment to the spring season. The pastel check printed trousers offers a blend of both blue and pink, tying directly back to the shirt and tie. The grey and yellow of the backpack fit in perfectly with the blue, pink, and grey ensemble. A simple and sublte color palette.