Horizontal Pinstripes


Topcoat (Zara)

Suit (The Tailory NYC) || Shirt (H&M)

Tie (The Tailory NYC) || Shades (Ray Ban)

Double Monks (Grenson Shoes)

Hey all,

I know that I've been MIA but the New Year got underway pretty quickly. I spent the first 2 days scrambling for last minute shopping, and scrambling to pack for my 2 1/2 week trip to European jaunt.

Thank you to everyone whose sent DMs and left daily comments throughout my journey.

I'm not sure how much I previously shared on social media about the purpose of this trip, but it was for the 'Men's Euro Circuit', The Euro Circuit is a multi-country journey which consists of one fashion week leading to the next. I started off in London then made my way to Florence for Pitti Uomo, Milan, and finally Paris. Although I traveled to many countries, my focus was Pitti Uomo. I'll share the details about Pitti and Florence in my future posts.

This horizontal black and white pinstripe suit was created for my first day at Pitti Uomo. Shao and I wanted to create an impactful look to kick off the first day and what better way to do so then in my favorite print, pinstripes. Instead of traditional vertical pinstripes, we opted for this new powerful look. I layered in all black from the shirt and tie down to the socks and shoes in order to keep the focus on the suit itself.

What do you all think about this take on pinstripes?




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