Overcoat (Uniqlo)

Vest (Topman) || Henley (Grayers) || Denim (Topman)

Shades (Ray-Ban) || Watch (Timex) || Scarf (H&M)

Sneakers (Brooks Heritage)

I am not a coffee drinker at all. I may grab one or two frappuccinos during the summer, but even that isn't guaranteed. I am a chai tea latte girl all the way!

A typical Sunday for me is church in the Am and then straight to the coffeehouse where I get to catch up on some work and just relax a bit. I've been so blessed and lucky lately that sometimes it feels like the days and weeks fly by. So I try to dedicate Sunday's to relaxing and reflecting. 

I headed out to Brooklyn this past Sunday to explore a new coffeehouse, Vineapple. It was so quiet and peaceful. I grabbed my favorites while there - a chai tea latte and chocalate croissant. From there it was off to the Promenade.

It was the perfect Sunday.





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